Units and Clubs

Malmstrom Clown Newark2.jpg

John Malmstrom

Boss Clown

The Clown Unit is always a hit in the parades as the kids can never get enough of their antics and pranks.  If you would like to learn more about our clown unit contact our Boss Clown through the link below.

Fife & Drum

Chuck Maass


The Fife & Drum Unit is always looking for musicians who can play the fife or snare or wants to learn.  Nothing screams USA more than hearing the fife and drum coming down the street playing Yankee Doodle 


Jeff Draper


The Mini-Choppers Unit is the largest Unit at Nur.  Their parade maneuvers coupled with the sound of their bikes always excites the crowds.  If you would like to learn more about the Mini-Choppers contact Ed below.

Yacht Club.jpg
Yacht Club

Pat Brown


Ahoy Matey.  Do you love boating or just riding along in a boat?  Then maybe the Yacht Club is right up your estuary.  To find out more about how you can get involved email Pat.

Legion of Honor

Ruben Kelly


If you are or were in the military, then you will want to check out our Legion of Honor.  One of the more active groups at Nur, you can't find a better group of Nobles.  Email Ruben today.

Red Wagons.jpg
Red Wagons

Ruben Kelly

Wagon Master

Ever since you were knee high to a grasshopper you rode around in your little red wagon.  Now as an adult, how about driving one down the street.  Email Ruben to find out how.

Ritual Unit

Fred Lynch


If you enjoy ritual or performing on stage, then Nur's Ritual Unit is for you.  The Ritual Unit is responsible for initiating new new Candidates.  Email Fred to find out more.

MC Club.jpg
Motorcycle Club

Ed Reynolds


Riding down the open road with 1600 cc between your legs is unlike anything else in the world.  If you love the roar of the pipes and the sun on your  face then drop Tom an email.


Dave Hutchins

Rabban of the Clan

A co-ed group of individuals who love to talk funny, eat weird things, and just plum out have fun.  So if you're fixin to join, getcha corn-cob-pipe and email Dave immediately

VeNURable Shiners.jpg
VeNURable Shiners

Jeff Lank

Cellar Master

The VeNURable Shiners was formed to learn about micro-brews, wine making, and to share with each other personal techniques.  Email Jeff to get on-board.

Pirate Logo.jpg
Pirate Unit

Ed Reynolds

The Pirate Unit, is a collection of Scallywags & Castaways bound together by the strong desire to help others in need & Shriners Hospitals for Children, that be our treasure to seek & our thirst to quench!  Email Ed if you dare to shimmer his timbers.

Band of Brothers

Bill McDonald


Founded in 2019, The Band of Brothers was formed to bring together those with musical talent to create and perform at Shrine functions as well as community events.  Email Bill for more information.

Golf Club

Jim Stevens


The Golf Club plays every 3rd Thursday beginning in April and ending in October.  No better place to spend a sunny day than on the links.  Email Jim to sign up and join in a round.


Tom Sullivan


One of Nur's earliest mini-motor groups, the Mini-Corvettes never cease to entertain kids and adults alike as they maneuver down the parade route.  Email Tom to find out how to join.