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Illustrious Sir, Bruce A. Beck, Potentate


 WOW! Itís August. Now is the time to enjoy picnics, start harvesting garden fruits and vegetables, go down to the shore, and relax with family and friends. This will be a relatively quiet month at the Shrine. Please make your reservation to our Delaware Room Dinner on August 20th.  I wanted to take this moment to thank Terri Rash for cooking everything for our Christmas in July dinner last month.  Every one enjoyed the food and we had well over 120 people and we welcomed our new Nobles and their families!

We have a uniformed Units Meeting at 7:30pm on the 4th of August.  This is a very important meeting that we need all units to attend.  The reason behind this is that we need to plan for our Dover Downs appearance on September 27th.  On this day we have been asked by Dover Downs to appear with our units and regalia and promote what we do (Have fun). I will need a count on how many members will be coming, and what units will be attending.  Dover Downs is providing us parking tickets.  That is why it is so important to attend. They will let our ladies attend the race, as well.   Any unit that performs during the pre-race activities will get to attend the race with their families.  Dover Downs is providing an executive box for some of our hospital kids and their families.  During this meeting we will coordinate all activities and organize where we will meet and what is expected from us. Other Shrineís from around our area have been invited to attend.  We will be united to promote or Shrine, Shrinerís, Masonry, and most importantly or Hospitals.   Dover Downs has offered to help us raise money for the hospital by having people buy tickets to the Big Race on Sunday the 28th.  Dover Downs has made a flyer for us to distribute, and this flyer has a web link.  This link, if used, will enable the purchaser to receive a discounted ticket.  Dover Downs is then giving Shrinerís Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, 50% of the ticket sales when people have used the promotional web link.  I have provided the flyer for you to distribute and post.  Please use any social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Please print these out and post in your neighborhood super markets, give them to coworkers.  Encourage them to use the web link to receive the discounted ticket and help raise money for our hospital.   If this works well this year, we can use this build on, in years to come.  Oh, did I forget that they would like units to be there on Sunday as well.  The same offer is for that day too.  But, our main day is the 27th, where we will be with the Children from the Hospital!

There is a change in our calendar, please take note.  The Bingo originally scheduled for Sunday, October 5th has been changed to Sunday, November 2nd.     Please help get the word out to the community.  This will be our last Bingo of the year and the proceeds benefit the Shrine (Menís bingo, not a ladies bingo). 


                                                                     Yours in Faith

                                                                     Bruce A. Beck                                    

Revised:  07/31/14

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