NUR Shriners    



Dear Nobles:

Well, we are finally out of the cold, but it seems we can’t get any sunshine.  We held our first parade for the year at the Dover Day’s on May 5.  This was one of the few events that we had sunshine and no chance of rain.  All the units that participated made it through the parade without any issues.  This was the first time that the announcers spoke about what the Shriners Hospital System and Nur Shrine does for the community.

For those who attending the Dover Race on May 6, we had a wonderful time!  Everyone who attended had a chance to meet David Ragan and talk to him for a short while before he had to leave for his drivers’ meeting.  A couple of the children form the hospital joined us too along with Nobles from three other shrines.  It was a memorable time.

Assistant Rabban Dave Hutchins made the front page of the Newark Post representing Nur Shrine and the Red wagons in the Newark Memorial Day Parade on May 20.  We had several motor corp. units participate in the parade with rain looming in the forecast.

We held our last successful Bingo on Mother’s Day.  This was the last one for the spring.  We will start the Bingos back up at the end of August.  Thank you all for the help and support.  Lottery ticket sales continue and are still available, get your tickets before they are all sold out.  Join several Nobles that have already won.  If you would like Lottery tickets, please contact Ill. Sir Curt Cole or the office.

We held a special meeting to elect new nobles at the beginning of May.  I’m proud to say that we have another 10 nobles that now call Nur their shrine.  Membership continues to be a focus for chairman Chief Rabban Ricky Swalm and his committee throughout the summer months.  His team is geared up to present to Blue Lodges what Nur Shrine has to offer to masons.   Please let your blue lodge know if they are looking for a topic at their stated communication to consider this presentation.

Again, please don’t forget that Noble Dave Wheeler is out on the trail and has hiked into Tennessee.  He has posted part of his progress on a website specific for this event.  Continue to support and promote this event not only in our Lodges but throughout our community and other states.

Mark your calendars for the next big events in the June.  If you haven’t already, tickets are still available for the Nur Potentates Party on June 2nd.  This is a themed party and more information can be gathered from Chairman Assistant Rabban Dave Hutchins.  The next Nur Shrine parade will be Separation Day in Old New Castle on June 9.  Nur Business Meeting is on June 12, as that is the date in NUR News.  Flyers have been sent out for the Imperial Session in Daytona Beach, FL from July 15-19.  Contact Chief Aide Drew Gregg for room reservations and parade information in Daytona.

It takes a team to make these events a success and participation from the nobility.  Let’s keep making a difference and keep up the great work!

Yours in the faith,

Joe McAleese

Revised 6/6/18