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Illustrious Sir, Anatol "Tony" Maxwell, Potentate


Dear Nobles,







… having just returned from Fall MASA, as well as Imperial Sessions last July, we know membership is a top priority at all Shrine Centers.  And it continues to be our greatest area of opportunity … by the end of this year, we hope to have created 30 new nobles and must accelerate our efforts even further to maintain and increase our membership as the years progress.

 Fall MASA was a success!  We had approximately 75 attendees from Nur and the following units in the parade:  Legion of Honor, Divan, Clowns, Mini-Corvettes, Mini-Choppers and Shephards.  In Division 2, we won 2nd place for our LOH, Clowns and Shephards.  In the Overall category, our Divan won 3rd place.  Our Chief Aide, Chris Ruby and his family did a wonderful job in our hospitality suite, which was always teeming with activity and fraternal spirit.  A number of new members and their families were also in attendance.  In addition, it marked a eturn of the Mini-Corvettes (and a debut of the Little Red Wagons) to Virginia Beach …

 … as a result of recent legislation at Imperial, there has been an increase in our Per-Capita Tax.  It went from $15.00 to $30.00 – thus, total dues for 2016 will be $110.00.  As you know, expenses are always on the rise and we have fewer members than we had when we last increased our own dues – sometime in the near future, we too must examine our own dues structure and take prudent steps to safeguard our financial footing.

 At this time, I’d like to thank our Divan, Aides, Office Staff, Webmaster, Printer, Custodian Crew, Bar Manager and Staff, as well as our Housemen for their loyal service and noble fellowship -- I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every one of them and sincerely appreciate the wise council received over the course of these last few years from them, our Past Potentates, Nobles and our Ladies.

 And oh my – what a line-up of Delaware Room Dinners we had this year thanks to our amazing chefs!  A great deal of thanks also goes to Noble Fred Roland and Lady Judy for continuing to host our successful bingo events.  And kudos to Brother Fred Palmer – who picked up the reigns and is doing a phenomenal job on Nur News.  We are blessed with passionate volunteers and staff who are also busy individuals -- personally, professionally and from a Masonic standpoint.

 As for the “three amigos”, including Lady Nancy Hable and Chris Ruby – thank you for your hard work and great times within the portals of our own temple, as well as during our rather extensive travels.  To our stellar Chief Aide, Noble Chris Ruby – you have served our members exceptionally well in many ways, including being Nur’s well-received traveling diplomat at-large!

 … all this being said -- a vibrant, enthusiastic and growing membership will help ensure a brighter future for Nur Shrine and the World’s Greatest Philanthropy – Shriners Hospitals for Children®.  If charity is one of our guiding virtues – let’s help develop that character in others, and let’s THINK MEMBERSHIP!

 … on a personal note, the greatest gift I have ever received is that of having been given the opportunity to serve Nur Shrine, our Nobles and Ladies … thank you!

 Yours in the Faith,







Revised:  11/12/15

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