NUR Shriners    

Provost Guard

Provost Guard members are responsible for: 

  • Escorting the Potentate at Shrine meetings, ceremonials and civilian parades.
  • Maintaining deportment during Shrine meetings.
  • Assisting the Inner and Outer Guards with tiling duties at meetings.
  • Escorting visiting Potentates and other dignitaries when requested.
  • Performing other duties as requested by the Potentate.

 While assisting with tiling duties, the Provost Guard have the opportunity to meet members as they enter the Shrine Center and get to know them.  They consider the responsibility of escorting the Potentate and visiting dignitaries to be an honor and a privilege. 

 Should any Noble be interested in joining the Provost Guard Unit, contact a member or the Shrine Office.

Revised 12/14/18