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Hillbillies Next Meeting

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P.O. Box 10085, Wilmington, DE 19850 - 0085

Our next meetin' will be on March 19 in the Delaware Room.

6 pm for jawin'

6:30 pm for eatin'

7 pm for meetin'

Sally Roth will make chicken something.

All you Flatlanders (boys and gals - you c'n join either with or  without spouse) wantin' to join in some fun, cum on out, bring sum cash money sose you c'n becum a Hillbilly 'n' have a high ol' time. NO RULES,  NO REGULATIONS!

The only requirement for membership is, for the guys , being a Shriner in good standing of your temple, and for the gals , a spouse of a Shriner in good standing or a widow of a Shriner. Click here hbguypet.pdf for a guy's membership petition or here hbgalpet.pdf for a gal's petition and send it to Clan #173, 1843 Graves Rd, Hockessin, DE  19707-9720. Call Cuzzin Dave at 302-239-1068 ifn you have any questions.